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Annual, erect, glabrous or pilose herbs. Leaves pinnate, segments narrow linear. Inflorescence of compound umbels, terminal and lateral. Bracts few or many, simple, rarely divided, bracteoles many, undivided. Umbellules few-flowered. Sepals present or obsolete. Petals white or yellowish, obovate, inflexed. Fruits ellipsoid to ovoid, with prominent ridges, densely vesiculose-papilose, dorsal vitate solitary, commissural vittae 2, stylopodium depressed conical. Seeds terete, dorsally subcompressed, plane or obscurely channeled on the iner face.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Calyx teeth obscure; fruit covered with nipple-shaped hairs T. roxburghianum
1b. Calyx teeth distinct; fruit covered with scaly hairs T. ammi