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Genus :

Sagittaria L.

Family :



Scapigerous herbs, erect. Leaves floating or emerged, lanceolate or sagittate, floating ones mostly cordate, submerged  ones linear, emerged ones sagittate, entire, obtuse to acuminate. Inflorescence a raceme, often a panicle. Flowers in whorls of 1-14, mostly 3. Unisexual or bisexual with upper ones male and lower ones female. Sepals 3, herbaceous, patent or reflexed. Petals 3, deciduous, white or rarely pink. Stamens 7-many, filaments compressed. Carpels many, crowded on a large receptacle, laterally flattened. Fruit an achene, globose or oblong. Seed horse-shoe shaped.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaves hastate or sagittate, lobes linear-lanceolate at apex S. sagittifolia
1b. Leaves broadly ovate, lobes rounded or obtuse at apex S. guayanensis