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Species of this Genus


Herbs or shrubs. Flowers large, scarlet or yellow, whorls axillary, densely many-flowered, bracteoles numerous, slender. Sepals connate in a 10-nerved calyx, tube often incurved, mouth oblique, with 8-10 rigid teeth, upper tooth largest. Petals 5, connate in a 2-lipped corolla, tube exserted, upper lip long, concave with villous crown, lower very small, spreading, concave, mid-lobe largest. Stamens 4, didynamous, lower pair longer, ascending, anthers connivent, disk equal. Carpels connate in a 4-partite ovary, styles subulate, upper lobes very short. Fruit glabrous nutlet, oblong or ovoid, dry, triquetrous, obtuse or truncate, basal scar small.