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Species of this Genus


Annual aromatic herbs. Leaves petiolate, ovate, glandular beneath. Inflorescence in verticillasters, 2-flowered, secund, in terminal or axillary raceme-like. Bracts minute or the lower ones leafy and large. Calyx campanulate, 10-nerved, often gibbous at the base, subequally 5-toothed and 2-lipped, upper lip 3-toothed, lower lip 2-toothed, generally slightly longer, throat pubescent. Corolla exserted, lips short, upper lip notched, lower one 3-fid. Stamens 4, only upper pair perfect or 2, anthers 2-celled, cells divaricate, lower pair abortive, present or absent. Disk glandular, produced in the front. Styles deeply bifid. Nutlets reticulate.