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Shrubs or trees, sometimes climbing shrubs. Leaves opposite, entire, stipules connate. Flowers 4 to 6-merous, small, unisexual or bisexual, pedicellate. Calyx caducous or persistent, tube and teeth short. Corolla campanulate, tube equal to much exceeding lobes, throat usually hairy, lobes spreading, valvate in buds. Filaments short, inserted, anthers included or exserted. Ovary 2-locular, ovule solitary, pendulous, stigmas head subglobose. Fruits fleshy with 2 smooth pyrenes.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Spines hooked C. horridum
1b. Spines straight or slightly curved 2
2a. Flowers 4-merous. Calyx cupular, lobes minutely denticulate C. coromandelicum
2b. Flowers 5-merous 3
3a. Branch and branchlets glabrous C. angustifolium
3b. Branchlets hispid-pubescent C. parvifolium