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Species of this Genus


Armed or unarmed shrubs or small trees. Leaves stipulate, stipules ovate, cuspidate, interpetiolar, opposite, entire, subsessile or shortly petiolate. Flowers on short spurs, 1-3 together, usually fasciculate, rarely with inflorescence axis developed, subsessile or pedicellate. Flowers 5 to 10-merous. Calyx lobes often irregular, linear to broad and foliaceous. Corolla narrowly campanulate to hypocrateriform, corolla tube with a thick ring of hairs inside. Anthers subsessile, included or exserted. Ovary 2-locular with septal placentae, style head fusiform, of 2 usually coherent lobes, shortly exserted. Fruits indehiscent, ovoid to obovoid, sometimes with persistent calyx. Seeds numerous, compressed.