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Evergreen shrubs. Leaves opposite or whorled, large, lateral veins prominent beneath; stipules ovate or triangular, usually bifid, persistent. Inflorescence erect terminal trichotomously branched panicles. Flowers small, tubular, heterostylous; bracts and bracteoles small. Calyx tube small, persistent, lobes short, triangular. Corolla tubular, long, slender, curved, lobes 5, valvate in bud. Stamens 5, inserted near mouth of tube, included or exserted, anthers linear. Ovary 2-celled, one ovule in each cell, disc cylindrical, prominent, styles short or long, stigmas 2. Fruit a smooth, fleshy drupe with 2 pyrenes. Seeds concave on inner surface and cup-shaped.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaves completely glabrous; corolla white or rarely pale lilac, often yellow in throat C. chartacea
1b. Leaves hairy on the veins on the lower surface; corolla white or dark pink, often white in throat C. curviflora