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Shrubs or trees. Leaves simple, opposite, entire, coriaceous or chartaceous. Inflorescence axillary or terminal, cymose, paniculate or racemose. Flowers hermaphrodite, regular. Calyx small, 4-lobed or 4-teethed, persistent. Corolla tube short or obsolete, lobes 4, usually divided to the base and united by the bases of the filaments. Samens 2, filaments very short, inserted at the base of the corolla lobes, anthers oblong or elliptic, connective sometimes extended into a short appendage. Ovary superior, globose to ellipsoid, 2-locular, locules 2-ovuled, styles short, stigmas subentire or 2-lobed. Fruit a drupe, ovoid, ellipsoid, spherical or obovoid, one-seeded. Seeds with or without endosperm.