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Unarmed evergreen or deciduous shrubs or small trees. Leaves opposite or verticillate, entire, short petiolate, stipules connate. Flowers solitary, terminal, often overtopped and displaced laterally, 5 to 12-merous. Calyx subentire, regularly divided or obliquely cleft. Corolla hypocrateriform, large. Anthers subsessile, inserted on corolla tube, included to largely exserted. Ovary 1-locular or partially 2-locular with 2-8 parietal placentae, styles narrowly clavate, included at corolla throat to well exserted. Fruits fleshy, usually with persistent calyx, often bony within. Seeds numerous, 1 mm long.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Apical buds resiniferous with exuding gums; nerves 20-30 pairs. Leaves shining, fruits ellipsoidal G. resinifera
1b. Apical buds not resiniferous; nerves less than 20 pairs 2
2a. Fruits without ribs. Leaves sometimes ternate, almost sessile; nerves about 12 pairs G. latifolia
2b. Fruits distinctly 5-ribbed 3
3a. Leaves small, ovate; calyx limb distinctly toothed; teeth subulate; corolla often double G. jasminoides
3b. Leaves large, 15-30 cm long, obovate; calyx limb obscurely 5-lobed; corolla lobes 5, broad G. coronaria