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Species of this Genus


Prostrate, succulent herbs. Branches long creeping, stems rooting at nodes, bearing short leafy ascending to erect flowering shoots. Leaves decussate, closely imbricate, distinctly succulent; stipules sheath-like, united with leaf bases, rims with minute teeth. Flowers hermaphrodite, 4-merous, usually solitary in axil of foliage leaves, subsessile and ovary normally hidden in stipular sheath. Calyx lobes often unequal in size. Corolla infundibular, inside hairy, lobes valvate in bud, spreading in flower. Anthers exserted. Style with indistinctly 2-lobed stigma, exserted; ovary 2-celled, each locule with a solitary ovule. Fruits crowned by persistent calyx lobes, indehiscent, corky, longitudinally ribbed, laterally compressed.