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Species of this Genus


Perennial herbs, rarely annual. Stem sparingly branched, glabrescent to dense-tomentose. Leaves elliptic to linear, entire, petiolate or sessile, stipules from a short sheathing base. Inflorescence terminal, rarely pseudo-axillary cymes, di or tri-chotomous, lax to congested-capitate. Flowers many, small, sessile or subsessile, white to blue-violet, 4-merous, dimorphic, heterostylous. Calyx tube very short, often very unequal. Corolla salver-shaped to infundibular, tube hairy within. Stamens included or exserted. Stigmas bifid, papillate. Fruits ellipsoid to obovoid, scarcely to distinctly dorsally or laterally compressed, indehiscent or splitting into 2 mericarps. Seeds 2, oblong to ellipsoid in stony endocarp.