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Species of this Genus


Deciduous shrubs or small trees, usually armed, spines axillary or supra-axillary, without nodes. Leaves opposite or ternate, entire, petiolate, stipules long mucronate with fine hairs inside. Flowers (4) 5-merous, solitary or in few-flowered fascicles or cymes, buds usually prominently apiculate. Calyx tube very short, exceeded by small lobes. Corolla tube shallowly cylindric or suburceolate, densely hairy within on upper half, lobes reflexed, subequal to tube, valvate in bud. Filaments very short, inserted. Ovary (4) 5-locular, ovule solitary, pendulous, stigma head subglobose, (4) 5-lobed. Fruits fleshy with 4-5 pyrenes.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaves glabrous or nearly so; stigma 5-lobed M. spinosa
1b. Leaves more or less pubescent or tomentose on both surfaces; stigma capitate M. pubescens