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Medium-sized trees. Leaves petiolate, lamina symmetrical at the base and decurrent along the petiole. Inflorescence densely bracteate, internodal or leaf-opposed, rarely axillary. Flowers pedicellate, pedicel bracteate in lower half. Sepals broadly ovate, shortly fused at the base, pubescent to tomentose outside, glabrous within. Petals 6, in 2 whorls, ovate-saccate at the base, densely pubescent to tomentose outside, inner petals shorter than the outer ones, puberulous outside. Stamens 15-50, loosely arranged in several series. Carpels (1-) 3-6, distinct, densely pubescent with erect fulvous hairs. Ripe carpels globose, yellowish or brownish, tomentose. Seeds not separating from the fruit wall.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaves more than 15 cm long; sepals free A. ventricosa
1b. Leaves less than 15 cm long; sepals connate A. lutea