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Shrubs, trees or woody climbers. Leaves in opposite pairs or solitary, opposite to inflorescence, entire, petiolate, stipule pairs connate at base. Inflorescence apparently leaf-opposed, capitate, pedunculate with sessile flowers, packed on a globose or oblong torus and fused at hypanthia. Flowers 4-7 merous, homostylous or heterostylous, androdioecious or dioecious. Calyx tube a shallow ring, lobes short or absent. Corolla hypocrateriform with anthers included near middle of tube, lobes valvate in buds. Ovary 2-4 celled, ovule solitary, stigmas bifid. Fruits drupaceous, fruting calyx persistent.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Erect shrubs or small trees; inflorescence cymes, condensed into compound heads 2
1b. A climbing shrubs; inflorescence a terminal umbel M. umbellata
2a. Flower heads sessile or subsessile M. persicaefolia
2b. Flower heads distinctly peduncled 3
3a. Stipules obtuse, corolla-throat hirsute; fruit whitish M. citrifolia
3b. Stipules acute; corolla-throat naked; fruit purplish M. angustifolia