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Undershrubs , young parts silky-wooly or hispid. Leaves opposite or rarely alternate, petiolate. Cymes in lower leaf axils, many-flowered, compound, bracts elliptic. Calyx very deeply 5-lobed, persistent. Corolla small, limb shallowly campanulate from a broad shallow tubular base, limb 5-lobed, 2-lipped, upper lip smaller than the lower. Stamens 4, inserted near the base of tube, filaments short, curved, anthers 2-celled, minutely glandular at apex, staminode 1. Disk annular or obscure. Ovary conical, stigmas capitate, ovules enfolding. Fruits capsular, globose, white, translucent. Seeds small, ellipsoid, reticulate.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Style 6-7 mm long; pedicels and calyx lobes often scabrous, the hairs conspicuously multicellular; ovary glabrous R. ellipticum
1b. Style 5 mm long; pedicels and calyx lobes sericeous or sub-glabrous; ovary glabrous to short pubescent R. hookeri