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Climbing shrubs, foetid when bruised. Leaves opposite or rarely whorled, entire, usually petiolate, stipules ovate to narrowly triangular, sometimes bifid. Inflorescence terminal or lateral, thyrsoid or paniculate, lax, bracteate. Flowers pedicellate or subsessile, (4-) 5 (-6)-merous. Calyx tube obsolete, lobes minute to relatively long, triangular or subulate, persistent in fruits. Corolla funnel-shaped to campanulate, glabrous to pubescent outside, tube densely villous inside, lobes valvate in buds. Stamens included, filaments very short, anthers oblong. Ovary bilocular, ovule solitary, styles filiform, included. Fruits globose to ovoid, sometimes compressed pyrens seperated when ripe.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. All softer parts scrufy tomentose, leaves densely tomentose P. lanuginosa
1b. All parts quite glabrous 2
2a. Corolla lobes densely tomentose inside; fruit uncompressed, narrowed upwards from the middle P. cruddasiana
2b. Corolla lobes glandular hairy inside; fruit compressed P. foetida