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Small, succulent herbs, hispid. Leaves alternate or opposite, one of each pair reduced to a small auricle, falcate, elliptic, unequal sided, acuminate, petiolate. Inflorescence lax, paniculate cymes, bracts small, elliptic. Calyx campanulate, deeply 5-lobed, subplicate. Corolla campanulate, spurred or gibbous at base, 2-lipped, upper lip smaller than lower, lobes 5, subequal. Stamens 4, all fertile, inserted at base of tube, filaments short, curved. Disk absent or obscure. Ovary sessile, subglobose, stigmas capitate, bifid. Fruits capsular, depressed-globose, overtopped by calyx, dehiscent irregularly. Seeds very small, obovoid, smooth, testa reticulate.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Petioles 0.5-2.5 cm long; corolla blue S. grandiflora
1b. Petioles 1.5-5.0 cm long; corolla white with blue mark outside S. umbrosa