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Rhizome creeping or erect, terrestrial or epiphytic fern, covered with small dark and clathrate, scales. Stipe cointaining two vascular strands at the base, these uniting upwards into a 4-armed strand.  Fronds simple, pinnate or more finely dissected to tri-pinnate, with free veins. In the finely disected fronds, one vein and one sorus to each lobe of its leaflets. Sorus long, on the side of the veins, protected by narrow indusium, in some species double sori, or sori of irregular orientation may occur.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Rhizome tufted forming bird\'s nest A. nidus
1b. Rhizome tufted not forming bird nest\'s 2
2a. Fronds with 2-6 pairs of lateral lamina A. finlaysonianum
2b. Fronds without lateral lamina 3
3a. Fronds pinnate, veins distinctly raised A. unilaterale
3b. Fronds simple, veins not raised 4
4a. Veins erect, at an angle 450 A. simonsonianum
4b. Veins once or twice forked 5
5a. Sorus occupying the length of every veins and both branches of those veins A. phyllitids
5b. Sorus long, lines irregular, reaching nearly to the margin A. polyodon