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Evergreen, unarmed shrubs or trees, shoots slender with 2 longitudinal ridges. Stipules small, deeply bifid, becoming lignified at base. Cymes of 1 or a few flowers, terminal and axillary, usually sessile, umbellate, bracts small scales. Flowers 5-merous, usually pedicellate, heterostylous. Calyx short, truncate, usually dentate. Corolla hypocrateriform, white, lobes with a longitudinal adaxial ridge, valvate in buds. Filaments short, inserted on upper corolla tube, anthers dorsifixed, included or partly exserted. Styles filiform, bifid above, included or barely exserted, ovary 2-locular, ovule solitary in each locule, pendulous. Fruit a globose drupe, eventually blackish with persistent calyx.