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Shrubs or small trees. Stipulate, stipules broadly ovate, usually deciduous. Inflorescence of subsessile or shortly pedunculate, terminal and or axillary cymes, bracts similar to stipules, bracteoles usually scale-like. Calyx with a short dilated or cylindrical tube, persistent on ripening fruits or deciduous. Corolla white-villous in the throat, tube very short, lobes 5, spreading or recurved, valvate in buds. Stamens inserted below sinuses of the corolla, anthers shortly exserted. Ovary 2-celled, ovule solitary, styles short, stigmas bifid. Fruits small, globose or oblong, drupe with fleshy skin surrounding 2 pyrenes.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Pyrenes plano-convex, dorsal ridges absent or obscure, ventral grove absent or with frequently a T-shaped ventral groove 2
1b. Pyrenes ribbed or with sharp dorsal ridges 6
2a. Dorsal ridges absent and no ventral groove. Cyme branches opposite P. adenophylla
2b. Dorsal ridges absent or obscure with frequently a T-shaped ventral groove 3
3a. Intramarginal nerves conspicuous. Calyx teeth linear, ciliate, cymes short peduncled P. calocarpa
3b. Intramarginal nerves not conspicuous 4
4a. Cymes long peduncled, corymbiform 5
4b. Cymes sessile or short peduncled, subcorymbiform. Fruit red P. montana
5a. Calyx obscure; corolla throat villous P. denticulata
5b. Calyx obconic; corolla throat with long stiff hairs P. silhetensis
6a. Pyrenes trigonus with one sharp dorsal ridge 7
6b. Pyrenes longitudinally ribbed and furrowed, with more than one sharp dorsal ridges 8
7a. Plant quiet glabrous. Flowers in few flowered pedunculate cymes P. symplocifolia
7b. All parts hirsute. Flowers sessile, cymes dense P. helferiana
8a. Pyrens usually 4-ribbed. Leaves rusty pubescent, cymes compact P. monticola var. fulva
8b. Pyrenes usually 5-ribbed 9
9a. Flowers sessile or nearly so, clustered or in heads, forming cymes or panicles P. monticola
9b. Flowers subsessile or pedicelled in second and drooping cymes. Leaf margin waved P. viridiflora var. undulata