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Species of this Genus


Erect or scrambled shrubs. Stem terete, pithy. Leaves foetid when bruised, opposite, elliptic to ovate, entire, petiolate, stipules short, broadly-triangular, persistent, cuspidate. Flowers in tight terminal cymes. Cymes lax, paniculate or corymbose, pubescent, bracts and bracteoles small, narrow-triangular. Flowers sweet-scented, 5-merous, heterostylous. Calyx short, tube obsolete, lobes ovate-acuminate to subulate. Corolla infundibular, tube slender, much exceeding the lobes, lobes valvate in buds. Filaments inserted near the top of the tube, anthers included or exserted. Ovary 5-celled, ovule solitary in each cell, basal, styles filiform, stigmas 5-fid, exserted or included. Fruits capsular, 5-valved, calyx persistent. Pyrenes triquetrous, coat reticulate.