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Shrubs or small trees. Leaves opposite, often with domatia in axils of secondary veins below; stipules ovate to broadly triangular. Inflorescence terminal, cymes or panicles short and erect. Flowers 5-merous, bisexual. Corolla tube hypocrateriform to infundibular, lobes contorted in bud. Anthers dorsifixed, inserted in throat of corolla, exserted. Stigmas linear, 2-lobed, lobes coherent for all or most of length. Ovary 2-locular, ovules 1 to many per locule, placentation axile, disc conspicuous. Fruits globose to ovoid. Seeds angular.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Ovule 2 or more in each cell T. asiatica
1b. Ovules solitary in each cell T. campaniflora