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Unarmed or rarely spiny, deciduous shurbs or small trees. Leaves paired, often quite large, stipules broad at base. Inflorescence axillary cymes. Flowers many. Calyx tube campanulate, limb divided into 5 triangular, oblong, linear or ligulate lobes. Corolla small, usually yellow, often distinctly apiculate in bud, corolla tube shortly cylindrical or campanulate, glabrous or hairy outside, with a ring of deflexed hairs inside and densely hairy at throat, lobes 5, narrowly triangular, mostly reflexed. Anthers ovate or oblong, apiculate, shortly exserted. Ovary 5-locular, ovule solitary, pendulous, stigmas shortly 5-lobed at apex. Disk slightly raised. Fruits large, indehiscent and fleshy.