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Wooly or densely tomentose, annual herbs. Leaves alternate, entire. Capitula small, in dense terminal or axillary corymbs or fascicles, heterogamous, involucre campanulate. Bracts many-seriate, scarious, receptacle flate, glabrous. Outer florets numerous, female, corolla filiform, 2-3 fid, hermaphrodite florets few, tubular, 5-lobed. Anther base sagittate, caudate-appendiculate. Cypsela oblong or obovoid, sub-compressed, minutely glandular, pappus 1-seriate, connate or free at the base.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Heads in leafless corymbose clusters G. luteo-album
1b. Heads in leafy spikes or in axillary or terminal clusters 2
2a. Pappus hairs coherent at the base G. pensylvanicum
2b. Pappus hairs free 3
3a. Heads in spikes; cypsela oblong with minute glandular hairs G. polycaulon
3b. Heads in glomerate; cypsela linear, bristles G. uliginosum