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Perennial Herbs, glabrous or hispid. Leaves alternate, dentate or pinnately divided, petiolate or sessile. Capitula discoid, homogamous, solitary or corymbose. Involucres campanulate or cylindric, bracteoles linear; phyllaries 9-13, uniseriate, lanceolate, margins scarious. Receptacle flat, shortly fimbriate. All florets bisexual, fertile; corolla yellow or orange, rarely purplish, tubular, lobes 5. Anthers entire or auriculate at base. Style branches slender, papillose. Achenes cylindric, 10-ribbed, glabrous or puberulent, truncate at both ends. Pappus sericeous, white.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Scandent herbs G. procumbens
1b. Erect herbs or shrubs G. nepalensis