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Species of this Genus


Herbs with white latex. Stem sometimes rhizomatous, very variable, erect, solitary or branched, glabrous or hispid, pubescent or sparsely hairy. Leaves sessile or petioled, radical or alternate, glabrous, pubescent or sparsely hairy, entire or dentate or variously toothed, often lobed, pinnate, pinnatifid or runcinate-pinnatifid. Inflorescence usually panicled, capitula erect or drooping, narrowly cylindric, peduncled, naked or bracteate. Involucral bracts in 1-3 rows, inner bracts usually longer, linear-lanceolate or linear-oblong, glabrous or hispid. Flowers ligulate. Corolla usually yellow. Stamens 5, appendaged. Style slender, stigma bifid. Achenes usually ribbed with a prominent beak, glabrous or sparsely hairy, pappus soft, white, simple or plumose.