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Species of this Genus


Branched, glabrous, annual herbs. Leaves alternate, obovate-elliptic, toothed. Inflorescence of capitula, heterogamous, minute, disciform, yellow, sessile or with very short peduncles, in globose clusters on branches of dichotomous cymes, involucre hemispheric. Bracts 2-seriate, broad, oblong, obtuse-subacute, receptacle flat or slightly convex, naked. Outer florets female, many-seriate, fertile. Disc-florets few, hermaphrodite, with sterile cypsela. Petals of female florets absent or connate in very short, tubular corolla, that of hermaphrodite florets with very short tube, regular, narrowly campanulate with 4-fid limb. Anther base obtuse, entire. Style of hermaphrodite florets with short, flattened subacute arms, papillose on the back, that of female florets with linear, obtuse arms. Fruit a cypsela, cypsela of female florets small, hardly ribbed or costae, that of hermaphrodite florets abortive, pappus hairs about 10, 1-seriate, dilated.