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Species of this Genus


Small trees, shrubs or herbs, glabrous or densely villous. Leaves usually alternate, petiolate or sessile, linear, 3-5 lobed, acute to acuminate, base attenuate to auriculate, serrate to crenate, pilose to subglabrous. Capitulum solitary, peduncled, receptacle hemispheric to convex, palea stiff, striate, usually with 2 secondary lobes enclosing the achenes, persistent. Involucral bracts 2-3 seriate, triangular. Corolla of disc-florets 5-lobed, yellow. Anthers black to brown. Style bifid, stigmas papillate. Achene triangular to quadrangular, black, brown or mottled, pappus of awn or of fused squamellae or absent.