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Species of this Genus


Perennial or annual herbs, erect or ascending. Stems mostly branched. Leaves opposite, rarely whorled. Flowers solitary, terminal or axillary, or in dichasium, perfect; bracteoles present, filiform or leaflike or absent. Calyx partly adnate to or completely free from ovary, epigynous or hypogynous; lobes 4-6, subentire to branched. Corolla epigynous, tubular, 4-6-merous. Stamens 4-6; filaments dilated below, glabrous or ciliate at dilated part. Ovary inferior for corolla but from semiinferior to superior for calyx, 3-6-locular; stigma 4-6-fid; ovules extremely numerous. Fruit a berry. Seeds numerous, subglobose.