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Small annual or perennial herbs. Leaves subrosulate or scattered. Flowers bracteate, bract single or sometimes paired on 1 to many-flowered peduncles on scapes, cymose or racemose. Petals 5, 2 or 4 of them connate in pairs, the 5th one smaller, recurved and developed as labellum. Stamens: stylar column, usually exserted, anthers sessile, 2-celled. Ovary inferior, 2-celled or partially 1-celled by an imperfect septum, ovules numerous. Fruits dehiscing from apex downwards or opening in middle but united at apex and base. Seeds minute, oblong.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Stems stout; leaves terminal, subrosulate; corolla white S. kunthii
1b. Stems slender; leaves scattered; corolla purplish or rosy S. tenellum