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Trees or shrubs, erect or climbing, stems sharply rigid when dry, young branches pubescent or almost glabrous. Leaves petiolate, lamina membranous or coriaceous, glabrous or pubescent.  Flowers often solitary, axillary, terminal or leaf-opposed. Bracts ovate to narrowly lanceolate. Sepals 3, valvate. Petals 6, valvate or open in aestivation, 2-seriate, inner petals distinctly smaller than outer ones. Stamens numerous, closely arranged, linear or narrowly wedge-shaped, with a broad, smooth connective concealing the anther cells, truncate and flat at the apex. Carpels many, stigma capitate. Fruitlets moniliform, apiculate, with 1-6 joints, glabrous at maturity, scarlet, succulent, indehiscent but disintegrating into ovoid joints.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaves usually 20-22 cm long D. dumosus
1b. Leaves less than 17 cm less 2
2a. Shrubby; outer petals over 5 cm long D. chinensis
2b. Climber; outer petals under 3.5 cm long D. dunalii