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Climbing shrubs. Leaves with strong parallel nerves from the midrib. Flowers terminal, axillary, or leaf-opposed, solitary, fascicled or paniculate, 3-gonous in bud. Sepals 2, valvate, connate below. Petals 6, 2-seriate, valvate, outer subconvex or angular, inner triquetrous above, hollowed below on the inner face. Stamens numerous, anther cells contiguous, dehiscence extrorse, top of connective truncate or rounded. Carpels many, style oblong, ovules in each 2 or more. Fruit of berry-like ripe carpels.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Outer petals oblong-ovate. Ovaries hairy, seeds smooth 2
1b. Outer petals linear lanceolate F. rubiginosum
2a. Flowers not more than 1 cm long 3
2b. Flowers 1.2 cm or more in length 4
3a. Leaves glabrous above; oblong or oblong-lanceolate F. wallichii
3b. Leaves pubescent above; oblong elliptic F. polyanthum
4a. Flowers 2 or 3 in raceme; ripe carpels globose F. bicolor
4b. Flowers in leaf-opposed or terminal panicle; ripe carpels sub-globose F. verrucosum