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Moderate or large sized terrestrial ferns. Rhizome erect, sometimes prostrate. Stipe long, grooved and glabrous. Fronds dimorphic, pinnate, rarely simple. Lamina generally pinnate or decompound, upper surface of the lamina between the veins usually bearing scattered thick ctenitoid hairs, at laest near the margin, slender hairs variously present on and between the veins on the lower surface.Pinnae or segments commonly entire naked, sometimes hairy. Sorus usually round with reniform or peltate indusia. SPores monolete, usually cristate.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Fronds dimorphic deltoid or triangular, sori medial or terminal on the veins T. chattagramica
1b. Fronds polymorphic, pinnatified, sori scattered 2
2a. Fronds winged, sori in a row on each side of the main vein in lobes in areoles T. decurrens
2b. Fronds pinnatified, rachis winged or not 3
3a. Sori very small on netted veins, much scattered T. heterosora
3b. Sori copious, usually with single rows on each side of the midrib 4
4a. Lamina sub-deltoid, bi-tri-pinnate T. leuzeana
4b. Lamina deeply pinnatified 5
5a. Basal pinnae segments elongated and pinnatified T. paradoxa
5b. Basal pinnae with stalked 6
6a. Main vein shortly hairy, short erect hairs also present between the veins T. polymorpha
6b. Main veins curved, cross-veins irregular, small veins slender 7
7a. Apex of the lamina trilobed, and 3 pairs of pinnae T. simonsii
7b. Apex of the lamina not trilobed and pinnae more or less than 3 pairs 8
8a. Sous large almost always at the apex of the vein lets T. variolosa
8b. Sorus small numerous, irregularly arranged on the veins, which surrounded the areoles, stipe winged T. vasta