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Woody climbers with the branches converted into leafy tendrils or almost erect treelets, young branches pubescent or tomentose stellately. Leaves stellately pubescent or tomentose or glabrous at maturity.  Inflorescence of few-flowered cymes, terminal, internodal or leaf-opposed. Flowers reddish, purple or yellow. Calyx valvate in bud, 3-lobed. Petals 6 (-8), in 2 series. Stamens numerous, with the connective concealing the anther cells. Carpels numerous, cylindrical or funnel-shaped, strigose, truncate at the apex with the stigma, horse-shoe shaped when viewed from above. Ripe carpels obovoid to shortly cylindrical, sessile or stipitate, succulent or dry, pubescent or glabrate, several-seeded.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaves less than 15 cm long, densely velvety beneath; ripe carpels shortly stalked, 1- 2 seeded U. ferruginea
1b. Leaves more than 15 cm long, sparsely pubescent beneath; many seeded 2
2a. Stamens all cuneate U. lurida
2b. Stamens (outer) sub-foliaceous 3
3a. Ripe carpels tomentose U. hamiltonii
3b. Ripe carpels glabrous U. littoralis