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Rhizome with a more or less U-shaped arrangement of vascular bundles. Lamina green, above somewhat shining, texture mostly more or less herbaceous, sometimes coriaceous or with one or more variously situated bulbils. Fertile fronds of similar shape as the sterile ones occurring in conjunction, throughout with a proportionally long petile and a smaller lamina, usually fully acrostichoid. Sporangia inserted on the secondary and or the tertiary veins, or all over the lower surface. Sori acrostichoid, asplenoid, pteridioid, gymnogrammoid and moniliform type. 

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Lamina without terminal pinnae, terminal segments with a bulbil B. appendiculata
1b. Lamina with a terminal pinnae, segments without bulbil 2
2a. Rachis without a narrow wing at the basal part B. appendiculata ssp. vivipara var. vivipara
2b. Rachis winged from the basal part 3
3a. Segments or pinnae with a sub-terminally bulbil B. costata
3b. Segments or pinnae with out bulbil 4
4a. Texture of the lamina purplish when dry, green when young B. crispatula
4b. Texture of the lamina herbaceous, flagelleform 5
5a. Terminal pinnae segments apex usually acute-flagelloid B. heteroclita
5b. Terminal pinnae segments not flagelleform 6
6a. Margin lobed deeply cut to the costa,with a spine in the sinus B. major
6b. Margin lobes spaced, rachis without a wing, sporangia inserted variously 7
7a. Sorus inserted on and near the veins B. sinensis
7b. Sorus inserted on the secondary and tertiary veins or all over the lower surface 8
8a. Sporangia inserted and arranged variously on the lower surface B. virens
8b. Sporangia inserted on the veins and near the margin only, arranged non-acrostiched B. virens var. deltigera