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Terrestrial fern. Rhizome short globose and fleshy. Stipe fleshy. Frond large, bi-pinnate, pinnae with pulvinus at bases of the rachis or not. Stipe and pinnae base swollen, pinnae base also swollen, petioles bear lenticels all over. Pinnule oblong linear, elliptic. Margin sub entire, serrate, cuneate, repando-crenate. Veins free, usually twice forked, recurrent veins often present between the true veins, running from the marginal teeth. Sori of two close rows of sporangia, attached along the veins. Spore trilete, indusium present or absent.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Stipe with pulvini, pinnules sessile, sori sub-marginal, veins simple, forked nearly at right angles to the midrib. A. evecta
1b. Stipe without pulvini, pinnules stalked, sori infra-marginal, veins extended from margin to about halfway between margin and costa. A. wallichiana