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Terrestrial or epiphytic fern. Rhizome thick, wide creeping or climbing, long, sparsely scaly, scales lanceolate, clathrate, dark brown, the cell wall forming a clear network. Stipe short or long, attached to the rhizome, slightly winged, gradually increasing to the base of the frond. Frond simple, usually broadly lanceolate, widest in the middle, acuminate towards the base, mar gin entire, base wing less. Veins distinct, with included branched veinlets. Sorus oblong or round, interupted, borne in one row between the lateral veins.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Fronds monomorphous, sorus line interrupted C. hemionitidea
1b. Fronds dimorphous, sorus line not interrupted C. pedunculata