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Rhizome or creeping, bearing fronds well-spaced or close together, scales peltate at the base, usually small and dull in colour, at least at the middle part distinctly clathrate, the  lateral walls of the cells often raised. Stipe jointed to the rhizome. Fronds simple and entire or in few species deeply lobed. Texture thin, green in colour. Main lateral veins sometimes welldefined, sometimes not, veins forming many aeroles with the included veinlets. Sori usually small and scattered irregularly, on the veins.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Fronds simple, entire, lanceolate M. punctatum
1b. Fronds trilobed, 2-5 fid, more than trilobed, 3 -6 fid, pinnatified 2
2a. Lamina deeply pinnatified, with 2-6 lobes on each side M. dilatatum
2b. Lamina deeply pinnatifid, with 3-fid, with 2 lobes M. pteropus