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Rhizome short, small, erect, covered with linear-lanceolate scales. Stipe polished chest nut brown and shinging, Frond slightly dimorphic or monomorphic, uniform naked. Lamina deltoid, ovate-elongate, deltoid-oblong or deltoid lanceolate, tripinnatifid below and pinnatifid above, pinnae sessile, opposite or rarely alternate upwards, basal pinnae much longer than upper ones. Lower surface covered with a white or yellow powder. Texture subcoriaceous to thin herbaceous. Venation free, pinnate, completely hidden. Sori borne at the distal end of the veinlets. Spore smooth.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Rhizome and stipe scales bicolours, lamina surface with brown scales A. albo-marginata
1b. Rhizome scales lanceolate, fronds dimorphic A. grisea