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Rhizome short, sub-erect, bearing a tuft of fronds. Stipes slender, nearly black polished. Rachis as stipe, grooved on the upper surface. Fronds small, narrow to broadly deltoid, bipinnatifid to tripinnate. Veins free. Sori terminal on the veins. Sporangia confined to the vein-tip and more or less laterally and jointed by a commissure. Sori linear when the sporangia are mature, usually discontinuous. When young protected by the reflexed and more or less modified edge of the lamina. Spores tetrahedral, without perispore.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Fronds tripinnate, tripinnatifid, quadripinnate, submembranous, not powdered beneath, rachis winged above C. tenuifolia
1b. Fronds bi-pinnate to tripinnatifid, subcoriaceous, powdered beneath, rachis winged 2
2a. Lamina glabrous, pinnatifid C. belangeri
2b. Lamina hairy, white and powdery beneath C. farinosa