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Small, tuberous herbs. Leaves entire, usually solitary, cordate-ovate, peltate,  primary lateral nerves pinnate, petiole slender, sheath short. Inflorescence spadix, shorter than spathe, spathe small, cymbiform, peduncle much longer than spathe, erect, marcescent, appendage 0. Male zone cylindric, flowers embedded in tissue of spadix, synandrium peltate, anthers connate in groups of 3, thecae subglobose to ellipsoid, dehiscing by pore. Female zone adnate to base of spathe, very short and few-flowered. Ovary oblong,1-celled, ovules many, orthotropous, stigma sessile, 4-6-fid. Fruit berry, 3-6- angled, many-seeded. Seeds pendulous.