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Perennial herbs, usually tall and coarse, with tuberous rhizomes or with short, stout caudex, flowering and leafing together. Leaves ovate-cordate, peltate, stoutly petiolate. Spathe stoutly peduncled, tube persistent, mouth constricted, limb erect, deciduous. Spadix shorter than spathe, male and female inflorescence with usually interposed, flat neuters, appendage cylindric or subulate. Male flowers : stamens 3-8, connate, anthers linear-oblong, dehiscence by apical pore. Female flowers : ovary ovoid, 1-celled, ovules many, hemiorthotropous, stigma sessile, discoid. Fruit obconic or oblong berries. Seeds oblong, sulcate.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Spathes yellow; plants large Colocasia esculenta
1b. Spathes pale green or somewhat purplish or purplish brown; plants small Colocasia fallax