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Aquatic or marsh herbs, with creeping rootstock, stem short or absent. Leaves in a rosette, linear to spatulate, narrow or broad.  Inflorescence solitary, usually shortly peduncled. Spathe tubular, with connate margins and a transverse septum within below. Spadix slender, tip adnate to septum of spathe. Male inflorescence cylindric, stamens 1-2, anthers 2-celled, cells with conical perforate tips, pollen vermiform. Female inflorescence a single whorl of connate, 1-celled ovaries, with a few neuters, ovules erect, orthotropous, styles short, recurved. Fruit a fleshy syncarp.  Seeds oblong, albuminous. 

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Tube of the spathe longer than the limb; limb not twisted Cryptocoryne ciliata
1b. Tube of the spathe shorter than the limb; limb strongly twisted Cryptocoryne spiralis