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Evergreen, perennial herbs, rhizomes stout or absent, stem creeping, erect or ascending. Leaves entire, very variable in shape, petiole long, sheathing up to halfway. Spathe usually erect, persistent round fruit. Spadix shorter or subequal to spathe, stipitate or sessile, staminate and pistillate flowers close together. Male flowers : stamens distinct, densely grouped, anthers opening by pores or slits. Female flowers :  ovaries ovoid or globose, perfectly or imperfectly 2-4-celled, stigma sessile,  ovules many, hemianatropous. Fruit berry, few or many-seeded. Seeds small, ovoid.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaves with spots, basal lobes semi-ovate or rounded; spathe red Homalomena pendula
1b. Leaves without spots, basal lobes divaricate; spathe green Homalomena aromatica