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Species of this Genus


Tall palms, monoecious, unarmed, stems solitary. Leaves pinnatisect, pinnae  arranged in same plane, leaf-sheaths open, fibrous. Inflorescence simple panicle,  but ultimately drooping  spadices, borne among leaves, peduncle bracteate. Male flowers asymmetrical, perianth 2-seriate, stamens 6, filaments subulate. Female flowers much larger than males, perianth accrescent, outer 3 imbricate, inner 3 convolute. Carpels 3, connate to form a 3-celled ovary, ovules usually solitary, style short, stigma recurved. Fruit a 1-seeded drupe, ovoid, pericarp thick, fibrous, endocarp stony. Seeds coherent with endocarp.