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Dwarf palms, stem slender. Leaves unequally pinnatisect, leaflets few, trapezoid, erose, uni-costate, nerves flabellate. Spathes many, sheathing spadix-peduncle. Spadix interfoliar, stout and simple, or slender and branched, monoecious or dioecious. Male flowers: symmetric, calyx cupular, 3-fid, imbricate, petals coriaceous, valvate, stamens 3-10, anthers linear, pistillode absent. Female flower: subglobse, sepals rounded, coriaceous, petals thick, triangular, incurved, valvate, staminode absent, ovary depressed, 3-gonous, 2-3 celled, stigmas conical, ovules basilar. Fruits ovoid or oblong, 1-2 celled. Seeds oblong, plano-convex.