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Species of this Genus


Stout, spinous, aquatic or marsh herbs, rootstock branched. Leaves hastate, entire or pedately pinnatifid, long-petioled, petiole and leaf nerves beneath prickly. Inflorescence solitary in leaf axils, peduncle elongate, spiny. Spathe very long, fleshy, dark purple, twisted, base convolute, deciduous. Spadix short, sessile, cylindric, densely flowered. Flowers bisexual, perigoniate, tepals 4-6, free, obovate, tips truncate, incurved. Stamens 4-6, filaments short, flat, slits extrorse. Ovary 1-celled, 1-ovuled, anatropous or semi-anatropous, style stout, stigma depressed. Fruit a berry, obpyramidal, 6-sided, top warted or muricate. Seed rugose, compressed.