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Perennial, evergreen herbs, climbing, arborescent or plant rosulate and acaulescent. Leaves numerous, leaf-blade variable, petiole warty or covered with scale-like processes. Inflorescence 1-11 in each floral sympodium, peduncle shorter than petiole. Spathe thick and fleshy, persistent, blade usually boat-shaped. Spadix sessile or short-stipitate, female zone free, rarely adnate basally. Flowers unisexual, perigone absent. Male flowers : 2-6 androus, anthers sessile to subsessile. Staminodes usually prismatic. Ovary 2-4 to several loculed, ovules 1-50 or more per locule. Fruit berry, sub-cylindric to obovoid. Seeds 1-many, white.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaf up to 60 cm long; blade entire, heart-shaped P. hederaceum
1b. Leaf above 75 cm long; blade not entire, having 10-12 segments on each side of the midrib P. bipinnatifidum