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Robust climbing shrubs, with anchor and feeder roots. Leaves large, distichous, often oblique, perforate or pinnately lobed, rarely entire, petiole sheathing, geniculate. Inflorescence solitary to several together, peduncle relatively short. Spathe boat-shaped, thick, coriaceous, deciduous. Spadix sessile to stipitate, cylindric, dense-flowered, shorter than spathe. Flowers bisexual, perianth absent. Stamens 4-6, filaments linear, flattened, anther-cells oblong, divergent, dehiscence extrorse. Ovary 1-imperfectly 2-locular, ovules few-many, anatropous, stigma rounded or oblong, style conical. Fruit a berry, usually many-seeded. Seeds small, oblong to reniform.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaves entire, imperforate Rhaphidophora hookeri
1b. Leaves pinnatisect, perforated Rhaphidophora decursiva