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Species of this Genus


Herbs with tuberous rhizomes, bearing long, radical, bulbiferous shoots. Leaf solitary, entire, peltate, petiole long. Inflorescence peduncled, peduncles few, sheathed. Spathe coriaceous, short-stalked,  tube  convolute, ovoid, accrescent over fruit, limb broad or narrow, erect or spreading, reflexed, deciduous. Spadix very short, sessile, male and female separated by neuters, male subcylindric or clavate, female short, cylindric, appendage absent. Stamen with fleshy connective, bearing 2-3 small anther-cells, opening terminally. Ovaries ovoid,  1-celled, ovules many, stigma discoid. Fruit of clusterd berries. Seeds ellipsoid to subglobose.